Shark Vacuum Review: Is the Shark Navigator a Scam ?

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shark vacuumDoes your family suffer from horrible allergies in your own home? I know mine did. For years I had been looking for a cheap and effective way to rid my home of dander and allergens that would bring unbearable suffering upon my family each season. I’d heard about vacuum cleaners like the Dyson and others that implement a sealed system, but for $500, I just couldn’t afford to plunk that type of money down on a vacuum cleaner. Who can in this economy? That’s why I was so excited when a friend told me about the Shark Navigator Lift Away.

For way less than half the price of the Dyson, the Shark vacuum promised a better sealed system with the same no-suction loss guarantee and with even more storage space. Plus, the Lift Away separated from its wheel base, adding a level of maneuverability that other no-loss suction vacuums just didn’t offer. But, did it work? Well, thanks to The Shark Navigator’s money-back guarantee, easy low payment plan and 10 year warranty, I decided to give it a try. Here’s a look at what I found.


Shark Navigator Lift Away Review

To begin with, I set a strict standard for this review. I would only measure the success of the vacuum based upon the reduction of mine and my family’s allergy symptoms inside the house. Any vacuum can pick up visible dirt; I wasn’t going to base this review on such flimsy criteria. What I wanted were real, measurable results or I would be sending the Shark navigating its way back to the sea for a full refund!


The Initial Inspection

When I first received the Shark Navigator Lift Away system, I gave it a thorough inspection. It really did seem to be a completely sealed system and with quite a bit more storage room for dirt and debris than I’d seen on the Dyson. It also seemed sturdy and well made with a unique see-through design that was pleasant aesthetically.

The swivel based action was easy to maneuver around the kitchen table legs and coffee table in the living room. The base detached with a simple click and was light enough for me to carry it up the stairs or up a ladder to reach the drapes. So far, I was impressed.



Taking The Shark Vacuum For A Swim

But now, it was time to perform. It was time for the shark vacuum to either be a real Jaws in the dirty waters of my living room or fail trying. It was sink or swim time.

I was pleased with the low operating noise of the Shark Navigator and surprised at just how much dirt I was seeing entering the clear receptacle. But what I was most pleased about was the lack of that “vacuum smell” which told me that there was no exhaust coming from the unit. It really did seem to be completely sealed.


I guess I should take this quick second to explain to you that a completely sealed upright vacuum unit is one that doesn’t let dust and allergens escape. Most vacuum units rely on a HEPA filter and release dust particles into the air. These particles escape through the tiny unsealed spaces in the vacuum’s body. But when an upright vacuum is completely sealed, allergens and dust particles don’t escape at all. They are completely contained.

Because the Shark Navigator is certified by the British Allergy Foundation for its unique Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, I was expecting it to work, but it’s always nice to see when something works exactly as promised. The claim that the Navigator was scientifically proven to trap over 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum certainly seemed substantiated as I used it.

But would it make a difference on my family’s allergies?


No Loss Suction Capability

Before I could answer that question, I had to know if the vacuum sucked. Not sucked like the way my kids use the word, but really had the suction power the Shark vacuum claimed to have.

You see, the problem with most vacuums is that as they pick up more dirt and dust, the air doesn’t flow away from the filters and the suction power becomes reduced as the airways become clogged. A no-loss suction technology unit like the Shark is supposed to be, keeps air spinning at high speeds within the unit to prevent the filters from being blocked.


But did this happen with the Shark Navigator? Yes, absolutely. I was thrilled to actually watch the dust and dirt particles spin around in the extra-large dust cup. To me, actually seeing something work beats hearing about it, so I knew that the Shark vacuum was living up to yet another one of its claims. The suction did not decrease for even a second and because the dust cup is so large, I didn’t have to keep running to empty it like with other vacuums (which redistributes more dust into the house unless you go outside!)

Plus, because the no suction loss technology keeps the filters clean, there’s no need to buy new ones, one of my favorite features of the Shark Navigator Lift Away System!


Is The Shark vacuum Mobile?

I also was pleased with the mobility of the Shark. It certainly lives up to its name, “Navigator!” I was able to get under beds, around corners and inside crevices with the greatest of ease thanks to the one handed swivel system of the Shark. Also, the Lift Away system could not make reaching hard to get to areas simpler. Its lightweight design and slick streamlining made vacuuming the stairs, blinds, curtains and ceiling corners a breeze!


The Final Criteria: Did The Shark Eat The Allergens?

After two weeks of using the Shark Navigator vacuum in my house, I noticed a significant change in not only my own, but my daughter and husband’s allergies as well. Their daily sneezing was virtually eliminated and red eyes and runny noses became symptoms of a cold, not of the pollen count. I can’t tell you how much the Shark Navigator has made my allergy hell into a heaven!

You can also check the big number of glowing reviews that this product got on Amazon, by clicking the link below.




Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Review Update: Limited Time Offer

As if all that wasn’t enough, I didn’t even tell you about the extras that come along with the Shark vacuum. Not only do you get a 10 year warranty, the money back guarantee and FREE Shipping, you also get a 24” crevice extender, a pet hair brush and crevice tools For FREE!

So, if you’re as tired of living with allergies as I was, then you have to try this vacuum for your own good. You have nothing to lose except the itchy, congested allergy hell you live in!


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