Shark Navigator Parts

One of the most popular vacuum cleaners today is the Shark Navigator.  Sharks are available as vacuums and units with steam for cleaning hard surfaced floors. Millions of consumers have purchased Shark vacuums over the years and now purchasers have the ability to buy Shark vacuum parts from reputable distributors.

Do Not Replace Your Vacuum, Fix It

Replacing vacuum cleaners is expensive and if you already have a vacuum, you like, it is better to fix it than to replace it.  Not to mention, it is much more cost-effective to fix it with quality replacement Shark Navigator parts than it is to replace it with a new model.  Many parts are easy to replace and do not take the expertise of an expensive technician.

Available Parts

PartsNew handles with hoses are reasonably priced and easy to swap out with old worn out ones.  Dust cups, exhaust filter covers, motorized floor brushes, extension poles, accessory bags, and on-board accessory holders are available for purchase and cheap prices.  Additionally, HEPA filters and their frames as well as the foam and felt filter kits are easy to swap out for old ones and these help make the air quality in a home better.  For your Shark, Hand Vac, dust cups, the motorized stick, battery pack, hoses and wands, and accessory kits are available.

In addition to replacement parts for your favorite Shark product, you can choose from a variety of accessories to make your vacuum more custom, to do what you need it to do.  These include handheld premium pet turbo brushes, hard surface brushes, additional on-board tools, duster pads and bare floor nozzles. Replacement crevice tools, concentrators, screws, handles and caps for water tank are reasonably priced.


Extra Battery Packs

One of the most popular additions to the Shark product line is additional battery packs.  For people that have large homes or offices, the addition of a battery that is always ready to roll and make the Shark perform is the perfect accessory and addition. If your vacuum is suffering from a loss of power, you do not need to replace it; you can just replace the battery and save hundreds of dollars instead of purchasing a new vacuum.

The economy today is challenging, and we all need to save money where we can.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new vacuum or hard surface floor cleaner, repair the one that you have and spend the extra money on something fun or something you need.  When you purchased your Shark Vacuum, you knew you were purchasing a high quality appliance.  Just because an appliance breaks today, doesn’t mean you have to toss it away; you can cheaply fix the product with quality replacement parts.  Many of the parts for the Shark Navigator are easy to install and do not take the expertise of an expensive appliance repair professional.

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