Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro vs Dyson Animal DC 41

There are many companies who compete in vacuum designing business but Shark and Dyson play a huge role in this industry. Both the companies are archrivals in this field. They make their best for making more customers by designing high quality materials. Let’s take a look at their newly released vacuum cleaners in the market. Shark has introduced its navigator lift away pro while Dyson has released its animal dc 41.


First of all we are going to discuss the features of the vacuum cleaner, which both the companies have in common:

  • Both the vacuums have the feature of no loss suction, which means that both provide better separation of dust particles from the air flow and the suction will be the same as you used it for the first time. Large particles are transferred to the dust container while leaving the small particles to pass through a filter.
  • Both are easy to stand.
  • Both have a completely sealed system.
  • Both have a bag free design.


What Shark has that Dyson don’t?

Shark is now taking the market from Dyson. What the people want from their vacuum is its suction capability. The navigator lift away pro has more suction power than the animal dc 41. The performance of both is good on carpet but there are many more places in your house that need to be completely clean like bare floors, stairs, and corners along the walls etc. The shark brush rolls are much stronger while Dyson have weaker brush rolls and this makes the Shark great at performance everywhere in the house.

Shark vacuums have a lift away detachable feature which gives edge to the navigator. The canister lifts away from the vacuum making it accessible to vacuum stairs and places that are difficult to reach with an upright vacuum. It is lighter in weight at only 14 lbs. so it can be carried from one place to another easily. It also has swivel steering and that makes it easy for just about anyone to handle.

The Shark navigator lift away pro has a complete seal system, which traps 99.99 percent of the dust particles and allergens and keeps your family safe from allergies and other kind of diseases. This vacuum has an extra large dust capacity. So one can clean his/her house without the fear of the duster holder getting full. Most people like this vacuum for how well it cleans pet hair. Its suction capability is more efficient than the Dyson’s. The pet hair is usually not properly sucked by the Dyson’s animal. The Shark is best for this job.

The best thing that attracts people toward shark is its price, which is often 50 percent less than the price of the Dyson animal. The warranty is also for 10 years rather than five years warranty for the Dyson. You can see that the Shark navigator has more useful features than Dyson’s animal.

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